How often can you use red light therapy?

You may need treatment every week for about a month. Then, you may need maintenance treatments every month or every few months. Some home devices can also require a significant time commitment. How many days a week should you use phototherapy? For best results, perform your phototherapy treatments every day, or at least 5 times a week.

Consistency is crucial for effective phototherapy. The more regularly you use phototherapy, the better your results. A treatment can produce short-term benefit, but regular phototherapy is needed to see the longer-lasting effects. Because regular use is so important, it's more effective to use a personal phototherapy device than to go to a spa or dermatologist for less frequent treatments.

As long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions, you can use red light therapy every day. If you have chronic pain, starting a daily routine with the use of red light therapy is recommended. The red light penetrates the skin and starts a process in the cells that helps heal and relieve pain. How often should you use red light therapy on your face? We recommend doing a treatment of at least 5 minutes a day for best results.

People who use it diligently for 4 to 6 weeks see more pronounced results. There are several red and infrared light therapy devices on the market, you can even find products on Amazon. However, red led light therapy has come a long way in the more than 100 years since and its treatment benefits are much more widely known. Laser light has the ability to shine deeper under the skin and reach tissues that have been damaged.

RLT is constantly being tested to evaluate its effectiveness in a number of different conditions, and the FDA currently recognizes phototherapy as a proven solution for acne-related and anti-aging skin problems, as well as for pain management and hair restoration. When the body absorbs certain wavelengths of light energy, it converts that energy to produce more ATP, increasing the body's natural ability to recover and maintain vitality. Red light therapy is safe and clinically proven for the treatment of a variety of skin conditions and pain management. That said, always choose an FDA-approved device for phototherapy and follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

Considering all the factors, it pays to invest a little more in high-quality light therapy. Keep in mind that phototherapy is cumulative, so more is usually better, but be sure to consult with your doctor or skin therapist for treatment guidance. In addition, many FDA-approved phototherapy devices are FSA-eligible because they are designed to help with medical conditions. Instead of undergoing radical methods to correct and delay signs of aging, scientists discovered tons of uses for this innovative technology.

Red light therapy can help stimulate collagen production, thus preventing the development of stretch marks. It's regularly in the news, and everyone from celebrities to pro athletes to Instagram influencers is joining the red LED light therapy (also known as RLT) bandwagon and adding it to their skincare routines and treatment options.